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Illustration The aim of the pairing operation, jointly created by the Académie des sciences and the French Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment (OPECST), is to build bridges between Members of Parliament, from both Lower (Assemblée nationale) and Upper (Sénat) French Chambers, and scientists, namely Members of the Académie and young researchers.
This initiative allowed French Members of the Assemblée nationale and Senators to gain a better insight into the research world, through personal contacts and laboratory visits organised for them. It likewise instilled a better sense of civic duty for the scientists in enabling them to discover the reality of parliamentary work, in Paris and in the Parliamentarians' constituencies. Lastly, it encouraged a dialogue between the worlds of science and politics. Photo caption : The President of the Assemblée nationale, Bernard Accoyer, welcomes the participants, Members of the Academie des sciences and young scientists to the 2009 Pairing session. © Assemblée nationale

Cf. the report in the daily newspaper Le Monde, dated October 28, 2009, article entitled: "Science + Politique = Intérêt général" [Science + Politics= General Interest]

Aim of the programme and description of the Pairings

Cf. brochure 2012 in English

Cf. brochure 2014 in French

Sixth session, 2013

More (in French)

Cf. synthesis of the first six sessions (in French)

Fifth session, 2011

More (in French)

Fourth session, 2010

Cf. brochure (in French)

Third session, 2009

To round up this session, the Academie des sciences organised a meeting of all the participants, at the Institut de France (November 24, 2009).

See programme, press release and video of the meeting

Second session, 2007-2008

Cf. brochure (in French)

Inaugural session, 2005-2006

Cf. brochure (in French)

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copyright Illustration Pairing between Members of the French Parliament, Members of the Academie des sciences and young scientists.
Didier Roux and Elin Sondergard welcome Christian Bataille in the labs of Saint-Gobain Recherche (2010) © DR