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All statutory functions at the Academy are elective. The voting takes place in the so-called "Comité secret" viz., an academic session attended only by the titular Members.

The "Comité secret"

The so-called Comité secret takes place with the titular members in attendance in a closed door formation. This executive Committee is empowered to take all decisions concerning the Academy, as per the statutory provisions and the academic bye-laws. The sessions are chaired by the President of the Academy.

The Board

The Bureau comprises the President, the Vice-President and the two Perpetual Secretaries (one for each Division). It is the Bureau's role to ensure the high standing of science matters and issues addressed by the Academy; to this end, it overviews and organises work and studies and acts as a watchtower for correct functioning of the Academy's component parts.

Composition of the 2015-2016 Board :
President : Bernard MEUNIER
Vice-President : Sébastien CANDEL
Permanent Secretaries : Catherine BRECHIGNAC and Jean-François BACH

The "Comité restreint" (Select Academic Committee)

The "Comité restreint" assists the Bureau and helps prepare the decisions that will be subject to votes in the Comité secret. The Committee may be empowered by the Comité secret to take certain decisions on its behalf. The "Comité restreint" comprises the Members of the Bureau, of two members elected by the Academic Administration Commission, the Vice President Delegate for International Affairs, 9 Delegates representing the Sections and 9 other Members elected in a Comité secret session. The Committee is also invited to appoint an ad hoc Election Commission from its Members, for the purpose of organising academic electoral sessions.

Three Academic Delegations

Three Academic Delegations contribute to implementing the decisions arising from the Academy's policy, under the responsibility of and reporting to the Bureau in all matters.

The Delegation for Scientific Information and Communication has the remit to make known the scientific activities and positions of the Academy and its contributions to the advancement of science and its communities. Alain-Jacques VALLERON is the is the current Delegate.
The Delegation for International Relations has the responsibility to implement the Academy's policy in international relations. Daniel RICQUIER is the current Delegate.
The Delegation for Education has the mission of assessing the quality of teaching of sciences in schools, from the primary school (cf. the French "hands-on" programme, called ®La Main à la Pâte) to the higher degree courses. Christian AMATORE is the current Delegate.

The Academic Administrative Commission

The Academic Administrative Commission takes all decisions appertaining to the Academy's Budget, to personnel employed at the Academy and in respect to donations and heritage received by the Academic. There Commission Members are those of the Bureau plus two elected academic personnel.

The Academic Committees and Working Parties

The Academic Committees and Working Parties prepare the Academy's work schedule, its Advice notes, Recommendations and Reports. These entities can be statutory, such as the Comité secret, the Academic Committee for International Affairs and the Academic Committee for the Defence of Scientists' Rights, or may be created ad hoc by the Academy in response to a demand in this sense made the Academy and duly approved in a Comité secret session.

The Académie des sciences is one of the five Académies that together constitute the Institut de France - Legal provisions - INTRANET - [ Updated 06.01.2015 ]
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