Press release: Evolution in the diffusion of scientific knowledge in Germany and France

Science ouverte

The Académie des Sciences is following with the greatest attention the current developments in the field of the openness of science. It is desirable that this evolution leads in the coming years to profound changes in the modes of publication, as well as to the opening up of scientific data. These developments will have to take into account innovative initiatives that some scientific communities may wish to undertake. The Académie des Sciences stresses the importance of the quality of published work, which must continue to be ensured through rigorous evaluation of publications with the help of competent experts.

The Académie des Sciences calls for measures to be taken to significantly reduce the overall costs of disseminating scientific information and to ensure rapid progress towards free and universal access to the results of publicly funded research.

The convergence of the objectives pursued by the French and German academic and research communities leads the Académie des Sciences to express its full support to the negotiators responsible for defending the best interests of these communities vis-à-vis publishers.