Bilateral cooperation

The individual journeys of scientists have historically been the traditional way to engage in and bolster scientific cooperation among States. The Académie des Sciences, which has a longstanding commitment to supporting these exchanges, now carries up its actions within the frameworks of cooperation agreements or letters of intent signed with foreign national academies, alongside other collaboration initiatives such as: jointly organizing colloquia, hosting lecturers or visiting delegations. In 2014, the Académie des Sciences is enjoying bilateral relations with more than fifty academies, under as many agreements or letters of intent - the first of them, with the Academies of Poland and Sweden, dating back to 1983, and the last one, with the National Academy of Sciences of Uruguay, being concluded in December 2014. In parallel, the Académie maintains the relations of friendship that have been highly influential in the construction of an international scientific community, by taking part in the presentation of great international awards.