2024 Richard Lounsbery Award : Jean-Léon Maitre

Jean-Léon Maitre

The Richard Lounsbery Prize, awarded by the French Academy of Sciences and the American National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 2024, will be awarded this year to Dr Jean-Léon Maître, CNRS Research Director at the Institut Curie Paris, for his outstanding and innovative work in mammalian developmental biology. Jean-Léon Maître is focusing in particular on the very early stages in the development of mouse and human embryos, before they are implanted in the uterus. Using approaches and concepts derived from physics, engineering and genetics, complemented by leading-edge microscopic imaging technology, he has brought a new perspective to our understanding of the early events of embryo morphogenesis, taking into account cell contractility, cell adhesion and fluid dynamics. His pioneering work in this field is recognised worldwide as having opened up a new avenue for the study of early embryos, and also for helping to understand some of the problems that can arise in embryos during this critical pre-implantation period.

The laureate will present his research work at a public lecture at the Académie des Sciences on Tuesday 11 June 2024.

The prize will be awarded on 15 October 2024 at a ceremony under the dome of the Institut de France.

The Richard Lounsbery Award is a $100,000 prize (of which $25,000 to finance travel for scientific collaboration) given in alternate years to French and American scientists no older than 45 to recognize extraordinary scientific achievement in biology and medicine. The Richard Lounsbery Award was established by Vera Lounsbery in honor of her husband, Richard Lounsbery, and is supported by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation. 2024 jury composition:
For the French Academy of sciences :
- Denis DUBOULE (chair)
- Giacomo CAVALLI
- Laurent DEGOS
For the National Academy of Sciences
- Ana Maria CUERVO
- Claude DESPLAN
- Geraldine SEYDOUX
The members of the jury used reports provided by their colleagues as a basis for their work.