Interacademic networks


The national academies of sciences embody scientific excellence and in this respect have the mission to carry out expertise and promote sciences among the political leaders of their countries. The interacademic network that have formed throughout the world act in the same spirit, on a wider scale, though: such is the case with IAP (the InterAcademy Panel, created in 1993, which now is the InterAcademy Partnership) on a global scale and, for Europe, with EASAC (the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council, created in 2001) and ALLEA (All European Academies, created in 1994).

  • IAP

    The InterAcademy Partnership gathers 107 national academies of science and regional networks - from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe (EASAC) - of academies of science. Its goal is to further cooperation among its members to improve citizen information and advise the political decision-makers on the scientific aspects of critical global issues. In this framework, one of its missions is to promote the creation of academies of science in the countries that do not have one and to foster the young academies into maintaining their expert role with the decision-makers of their State. The Académie des Sciences is a member of IAP Executive Committee.

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    The European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC) includes the 29 national academies of science of the States of the European Union (EU), each represented by one of its members (Daniel Ricquier for the Académie des Sciences). Its goal is to provide the European institutions with independent and expert advice on the scientific aspects of public policy in the EU, particularly by issuing reports and statements on aspects the network deems crucial.

    New Report by the EASAC :
    Negative emission technologies: 
What role in meeting Paris Agreement targets? - February 2018
    Findings and recommendations from the Smart Villages Initiative 2014–2017 - June 2018
    Opportunities for soil sustainability in Europe - September 2018
    Forest bioenergy, carbon capture and storage, and carbon dioxide removal: an update - February 2019
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    The All European Academies (ALLEA) network gathers 58 academies - science , human and social sciences, humanities - from 40 countries in the area covered by the Council of Europe. Through its standing committees, it notably devotes its work to the following themes: Ethics and Science, Science Education and Intellectual Property. In 2014, the Académie des Sciences was involved in the organization of the 1st conference of the North-South Aemase (African-European-Mediterranean Academies for Science in Education) programme of ALLEA.

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