Machine learning for artificial intelligence


! Symposium in English organized by the French Académie des Sciences and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the name given to the set of algorithms and techniques aiming at reproducing the sensorial and cognitive abilities of living beings in electronic machines. The sciences involved in the progress of AI are numerous: neuroscience, mathematics, information theory, computer science, electronics, linguistics, etc. The applications are just as various: image, scene and speech recognition, sense extraction in text, automatic summarization, robotics, games, etc. This symposium, jointly organized by the Académie des sciences and the Korean Academy of science and technology (KAST), will highlight the variety of applications and the diversity of algorithmic approaches serving the progress of machine learning. The topics addressed will be visual recognition, brain imaging, brain-machine interface, natural language processing and bioinformatics through presentations given by renowned experts from our two countries.

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Welcome address
Sébastien CANDEL, Olkjoon YOO, Claude BERROU
Visual Understanding of 3D Objects and Scenes for Robotic Tasks
Sukhan LEE
Automatic understanding of the visual world
Cordelia SCHMID
Deep learning-enhanced brain imaging for personal connectomics
Dong Soo LEE
Teaching Machines to Understand Natural Language
Antoine BORDES
A Mind-Reading Technology: Brain-Computer Interface
Seong-Whan LEE
How Computers Break (Serious) Puzzles
Olkjoon YOO, Sébastien CANDEL
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