French-Mexican Colloquium

Vue abstraite maya

During the Latin America and Caribbean Week in France

Colloquium organized by the Mexican Academy of Sciences and the French Académie des Sciences.

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  • Mexico-France Research Cooperation

    José Franco
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  • The birth of stars and planets

    Luis F. Rodriguez Jorge
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  • The fascinating, ludic and powerful Mayan mathematics

    Luis Fernando Magaña Solís
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  • On some mathematical billiards

    Jean‐Christophe Yoccoz
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  • Chicxulub asteroid impact and the Cretaceous/paleogene boundary

    Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi, institut de géophysique de l’UNAM, membre de l’Académie mexicaine des sciences
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  • Astronomical calibration of geological time scales

    Jacques Laskar
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