Standing Committee for the Environment: a Pluridisciplinary reflection on the Environment

The Standing Committee for Environmental Sciences of the Académie des Sciences, chaired by Jean-Claude duplessy, was created in its initial form in 1989, to closely follow environmental issues that are considered from the viewpoint of science. To tackle these issues, which are pluridisciplinary by their very nature, one needs to take into account all the natural elements - water, air, solid ground - and problems - climate, global food, health, demography, environmental contamination - as well as environmental science, ecosystems and ecosystemic systems (i.e. the benefits man derives from ecosystems).


Composition of the committee

President: Jean-Claude Duplessy


Jean-Claude André -  Jean-François Bach -  Édouard Bard -  Jacques Blamont -  René Blanchet -  Catherine Bréchignac -  André Capron -  Anny Cazenave -  Marie-Lise Chanin -  Michel Combarnous -  Vincent Courtillot -  Henry de Lumley-Woodyear -  Ghislain de Marsily -  Henri Décamps -  Michel Delseny -  Jean Dercourt -  Christian Dumas -  Anne Fagot-Largeault -  François Gros -  Henri Korn -  Patrick Lavelle -  Sandra Lavorel -  Yvon Le Maho -  Michel Le Moal -  Jean-Louis Le Mouël -  Hervé Le Treut -  Jean-Dominique Lebreton -  Henri Leridon -  Daniel Mansuy -  Bernard Meunier -  Dominique Meyer -  Georges Pédro -  Georges Pelletier -  Michel Petit -  Jean-Loup Puget -  Philippe Sansonetti -  Maxime Schwartz -  Philippe Taquet -  Roger Temam -  Alain-Jacques Valleron