Standing Committee for Space Research: Precious Expertise for Space research

The Standing Committee for Space Research de l'Académie des sciences, chaired by Jean-Loup Puget, was created in the middle of the 1980s. It focuses its attention on the research that is ongoing or ought to be conducted “by and for” space, the latter being considered both as a means of scientific investigation and as an objective for exploration.

Grand télescope

Composition of the committee

President: Jean-Loup Puget

Members: Jean-Claude André -  Alain Benoît -  Alain Berthoz -  Jacques Blamont -  Sylvain Blanquet -  Christian Bordé -  Sébastien Candel -  Anny Cazenave -  Catherine Cesarsky -  Marie-Lise Chanin -  Françoise Combes -  Georges Courtès -  Thibault Damour -  Pierre Encrenaz -  Pierre Fayet -  Uriel Frisch -  Patrick Huerre -  Jean-Pierre Kahane -  Henri Korn -  Jean Kovalevsky -  Jean-Louis Le Mouël -  Pierre Léna -  Michel Petit -  Olivier Pironneau -  Daniel Rouan -  Erich Spitz