Standing Committee for Science History and Epistemology: Promoting History and Philosophy of Science

The Standing Committee for Science History and Epistemology de l'Académie des sciences, of the Académie des Sciences, chaired by Claude debru, was created in 2005. It organises meetings on themes that relate to the history of sciences or epistemology, sometimes with a very contemporary dimension to them, promotes the publication of the minutes of these scientific meetings and, more broadly, of historic and scientific information and contributes to prize awarding in its areas of expertise.

Équité Composition of the committee

President: Claude Debru

Members: Jean-François Bach -  Roger Balian -  Sébastien Balibar -  Henri Cabannes -  Edgardo D. Carosella -  Claude Combes -  Henri Décamps -  Jean Dercourt -  Christian Dumas -  Anne Fagot-Largeault -  Pierre Galle -  Étienne Ghys -  Maurice Goldman -  Robert Guillaumont -  Yves Jeannin -  Jean-Pierre Kahane -  Dominique Meyer -  Philippe Meyer -  Gérard Orth -  Jean-Claude Pecker -  Georges Pédro -  Jean-Paul Poirier -  Yves Pomeau -  Evariste Sanchez-Palencia -  Maxime Schwartz -  Philippe Taquet -  Alain-Jacques Valleron