Standing Committee for Science, Ethics and Society: Pondering the Ethics of Scientific activity

The Standing Committee for Science, Ethics and Society of the Académie des Sciences, chaired by Anne Fagot-Largeault, is composed of about twenty members. It has followed in 2011 from the Science and Society working Party (2000-2006), which had then become a Standing Committee (2006-2010), given the high importance of this theme within the whole scientific community, including the foreign academies and academy networks.

Équité Composition of the committee

Presidente: Anne Fagot-Largeault

Members: Yves Agid -  Jean-François Bach -  Jacques Blamont -  Catherine Bréchignac -  André Capron -  Jean-Pierre Changeux -  François Gros -  Serge Haroche -  Pierre Joliot -  Jean-Pierre Kahane -  Henri Korn -  Nicole Le Douarin -  Michel Le Moal -  Pierre Léna -  Odile Macchi -  Bernard Meunier -  Philippe Taquet