Standing Committee for Science Education and Training: Promoting high-level science education for all

The Standing Committee for Science Education and Training chaired by Éric Westhof, was created in 2005, to fulfil one of the missions of the Académie mentioned in its Statutes: to watch over the quality of science teaching and take action in order for the achievements of scientific development to pervade the human culture of our times. Indeed, the concerns of the Académie are not only related to the training of future researchers and engineers, but they also include the objective that all pupils acquire high scientific culture, which will be vital for them as they grow into citizens.

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Composition of the committee

President: Éric Westhof

Permanent guest: Jean-François Bach

Members: Gérard Berry -  René Blanchet -  Jean-Michel Bony -  Yves Couder -  Claude Debru -  Stanislas Dehaene -  Bernard Dujon -  Christian Dumas -  Pierre Encrenaz -  Denis Gratias -  Philippe Janvier -  Pierre Léna -  Hervé Le Treut -  Jacques Livage -  Odile Macchi -  René Moreau -  Daniel Rouan -  Didier Roux -  André Sentenac -  Alain-Jacques Valleron -  Éric Westhof

Sophie Lageat, Secretary -