Standing Committee for Science and Metrology: Contributing to the (re)defi nition of the Units of Measurement of the international System

The Standing Committee for Science and Metrology co-chaired by Christian Bordé and Jean Kovalevsky, stems from a working Party which, between 2003 and 2007, looked into the fundamental constants which underlie the international system.

Composition of the committee

Presidents: Christian Bordé and Jean Kovalevsky

Members : Christian Amatore -  Alain Aspect -  François Baccelli -  Roger Balian -  Alain Benoît -  Nicole Capitaine -  Claude Cohen-Tannoudji -  Jean Dalibard -  Thibault Damour -  Daniel Esteve -  Pierre Fayet -  Bernard Guinot -  Theodor Hänsch -  Serge Haroche -  Yves Jeannin -  Pierre Perrier -  Philippe Taquet -  Gabriele Veneziano