Shale gas

Puits pour extraction de gaz de schiste

Conference Debates of the Académie des Sciences

In its report Scientific research rising to the challenges of energy (EDP Sciences Ed., December 2012), the Académie des Sciences recommended that a study be conducted before any decision should be taken on shale gas exploitation, to explore its benefits, drawbacks, economic issues and impacts on the environment. To this end, it has decided to gather the best French and international experts regarding these unconventional gas resources so as to provide all those interested in the issue with the most up-to-date pieces of scientific and technical information. Following this conference debate, the work of the Standing Committee for Prospects in Energy Procurement has lead the Académie des Sciences to publish the advice note Elements to Clarify the Shale Gas Debate.

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  • Welcome Addresse [In French]

  • Introduction [In French]

    Vincent Courtillot, Membre of the Académie des Sciences
  • Aspects géologiques de l'exploration et de l'exploitation des gaz de schiste [In French]

    Bruno Goffé, INSU-CNRS
  • Aspects technologiques ; point de vue de l'industriel ; code minier [In French]

    Bruno Courme, Total
  • The Royal Society/Royal Academy of Engineering report on shale gas extraction in the UK

    Robert Mair, Cambridge University and Royal Society
  • Environmental concerns with shale gas development in the United States

    Robert Siegfried, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)
  • Étude de cas : les bassins du sud du Massif Central [In French]

    Nicolas Arnaud, Université de Montpellier
  • General Discussion and Conclusion [In French]

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