Modelling and Molecular Dynamics: How do they Impact on Life Sciences?

Myoglobine en 3d

Conference Debates of the Académie des Sciences

The processes of modelling and simulating at the molecular scale play an ever greater role on the interface between life sciences and chemistry and are now as key partners to the experimentation phase. Speakers invited by the Académie des Sciences, notably Martin Karplus, 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, have shown how simulation makes it possible to “visualize” the molecular interactions that occur in complex biological functions, and thus constitutes a precious tool for interpreting experimental observations and guide new experiences.

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  • Introduction [In French]

    Philippe Sautet, Member of the Académie of Sciences
  • Motion: Hallmark of Life. From Marsupials to Molecules

    Martin Karplus, 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • La simulation des systèmes biologiques : au-delà de "l'expérimentalement visible" [In French]

    Richard Lavery, directeur de recherche au CNRS, université Lyon 1
  • Dynamique fonctionnelle multi-échelle du vivant [In French]

    Jean-Louis Martin, directeur de recherche à l'Inserm et professeur à l'Ecole Polytechnique, Laboratoire d'optique et biosciences (LOB), Palaiseau
  • General Discussion and Conclusion [In French]

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