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Call for applications: "Grand prix scientifique 2023" Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation

Deadline: January 24, 2023 before midnight

Every year, alternatively under the disciplines of the two divisions(1) of Academy of Sciences, the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation of the Institut de France awards a scientific prize based on the recommendations of a jury of the Institut de France members. The Grand Prix will be awarded to a French or European scientist and his/her team(2) that will propose an ambitious research project on promising theme.
In 2023 the Prize topic is: “Earth's deep activity”.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have long been considered unpredictable and lacking in reliable warning signals. Thanks to dense networks of geophysical sensors and intensive signal processing enabled by today's high computing capabilities, we are now able to detect very small disturbances in the geologically active regions of our planet. The depths of the earth are actually in constant activity. Continuous monitoring of the tiny movements that occur there allows us to better understand how major events are triggered and to anticipate their impacts on human societies.
The Del Duca Grand Prize will be awarded for outstanding work in the field of Earth’s deep activity.

The prize is as follows:
a) 200,000 € to finance the work of the award-winning group,
b) 25,000 € awarded to the pincipal investigator (PI) of the research group,
c) 50,000 € (maximum amount paid upon presentation of supporting documents) for hiring one French or foreign postdoctoral researcher to be selected by the PI, in the two years following the attribution of the award. A report must be sent within two months after the end of the contract. A contract agreement will be established between the laboratory and the Del Duca Foundation to define the conditions of payment.

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