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1. Promoting Science Teaching
2. Foundation "La main à la pâte"
(Promoting Science Teaching)
... the Académie des Sciences at the initiative of Georges Charpak, 1992 Nobel Prize in Physics, Pierre Léna and Yves Quéré. It gives first priority to the teaching of science based on knowledge building ...
3. Standing Committee for Science Education and Training: Promoting high-level science education for all
(Experts Committees)
... of science teaching and take action in order for the achievements of scientific development to pervade the human culture of our times. Indeed, the concerns of the Académie are not only related to the training ...
4. Promoting Science Teaching
(Promoting Science Teaching)
... to strengthen initial and ongoing teacher training, renew science teaching at all school levels and ensure all young people with equal opportunity in this field.  ...
5. Five basic missions in the Academy’s remit
(About us)
...  Associate Members; • Publishing the Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des sciences, created in 1835 for the international scientific community. Learn more Promoting the teaching o ...
6. Teaching computer science in France - Tomorrow can't wait
(Advice Notes and Reports)
Report of the Académie des Sciences - May 2013 See the PDF file