International Scientific Council (ICSU) and French Committee for International Scientific Unions (COFUSI)

Débats internationaux


ICSU (International Council for Science), founded in 1931, is the most important non-governmental scientific organization in the world. Comprising 121 national members and 32 international scientific unions, it is responsible for fostering the international scientific and technological community and supporting universal access to science. The Académie des Sciences is a national member of this Council, whose headquarters is located in Paris.

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The French Committee for International Scientific Unions (Comité français des unions scientifiques internationales, COFUSI), chaired by Académie Corresponding Member Nicole Capitaine and created by the Académie in 1967: it is in charge of coordinating the Comités Nationaux Français [French National Committees] (CNF), which are the correspondents of the international scientific unions that take part in the International Scientific Council. COFUSI assesses and reports on the work of the CNF to the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Moreover, it manages the funding granted by the Ministry for taking part in ICSU and other various international unions. Lastly, COFUSI spurs the different CNF on to hold joint interdisciplinary meetings and supports their rapprochement with the learned societies.

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