Standing Committee for Prospects in Energy Procurement: Participating to the fundamental debate on energy

The Standing Committee for Prospects in Energy Procurement, co-chaired by Sébastien Candel and Bernard Tissot, was put in place in June 2010 to pursue and develop reflection on energy - now a pivotal issue, which needs to be addressed by taking stock of the challenges we need to rise to.


Composition of the committee

Presidents: Sébastien Candel and Bernard Tissot


Jean-Claude André -  Roger Balian -  Sébastien Balibar -  Yves Bréchet -  Édouard Brézin -  Catherine Cesarsky -  Michel Combarnous -  Vincent Courtillot -  Jean Dercourt -  Jean-Claude Duplessy -  Pierre Encrenaz -  Marc Fontecave -  Robert Guillaumont -  Pierre Joliot -  Guy Laval -  Marc Pélegrin -  Olivier Pironneau -  Michel Pouchard -  Paul-Henri Rebut -  Didier Roux -  Jean Salençon -  Jean-Marie Tarascon