Call for applications: "Grand prix scientifique 2017" Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation

Deadline: January 10th, 2017

Every year, alternatively under the disciplines of the two divisions(1) of Academy of Sciences, the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation of the Institut de France awards a scientific prize based on the recommendations of a jury of members of the Institut de France.The Grand Prix will be awarded to a French or European scientist and his/her team(2) that will propose an ambitious research project on promising theme.

In 2017, the theme retained for the 2nd division is : Networks
Either theoretical, experimental or numerical, network studies are ubiquitous in scientific news. Some authors refer to “the” theory of networks, but the unity of this wide domain remains to be demonstrated. Indeed it concerns systems, which may appear rather different. Examples are: Networks of fractures, especially their dynamics, from materials to geophysics (earthquakes), Virtual networks that can be studied numerically as a function of the nature of their interactions and where the emergence of universal behaviors would be interesting to demonstrate, Transport or information networks whose size and flux are rapidly increasing today, The optimization of electricity grids, which one hopes to make “smart”, Optical networks where various quantum systems show original properties, for example transitions between localized and delocalized states, Etc. (this list is not exhaustive)
The “Grand Prix Del Duca” will be attributed to a researcher, either French or European, and his/her team, who apply with an ambitious project. Some preference will be given to projects that combine at least two different approaches which could be theoretical, experimental or numerical.

The prize is as follows:
a) 200,000 € to finance the work of the award-winning group,
b) 25,000 € awarded to the director of the research group,
c) 50,000 € (maximum amount paid on supporting) towards the hiring of one or more French or foreign postdoctoral researchers to be selected by the group director, in the two years following the award of the prize. An agreement will be established between the laboratory and the Foundation Del Duca to define the conditions of payment.

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