Standing Committee for Developing Countries (COPED)

Infused with a spirit of close partnership with Africa on its creation in 1997, the Standing Committee for Developing Countries (COPED) has gradually enlarged its scope of action to other regions of the world. Under the Presidency of François Gros, the Honorary Perpetual Secretary of the Académie des Sciences, COPED embodies the determination of the Académie des Sciences to contribute through scientific development to solving major worldwide issues, by thoroughly:
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  • promoting scientific training and research projects;

  • organizing forums on topical issues for DCs (Developing Countries);

  • creating and maintaining bonds with national and international organisms dedicated to research for development;

  • tightening ties with the appropriate Directorate-Generals of the European Commission;

  • operating in steadfast cooperation with the Interacademic Group for Development (GID).

Composition of the committee

President: François Gros


Christian Amatore -  André Capron -  Michel Delseny -  Robert Guillaumont -  Jean-Pierre Kahane -  Philippe Kourilsky -  Pierre Léna -  Henri Léridon -  Odile Macchi -  Ghislain de Marsily -  Yves Meyer -  Gérard Orth -  Eva Pebay-Peyroula -  Georges Pelletier -  Georges Pédro -  Charles Pilet -  Yves Quéré -  Daniel Ricquier -  Philippe Sansonetti -  Philippe Taquet -  Myriam Leroux (Secretary General of the GID)

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